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On August 17, Russian invaded East Prussia. The Germans met them at Stalluponen, and despite being outnumbered 5:1 were able to repel the advance, before retreating westward to set up new defensive positions. The German Empire appears still to be the preeminent military force of the day – the Prussian heritage, no doubt.

August 18 saw the United States declaring her neutrality, while Canada authorized the formation of an expeditionary force to fight in Europe.

The following day met the Austro-Hungarians fleeing in a near-rout from Cer, where they had been fighting for several days in mountainous terrain wholly unsuited for battle. Serbia continued her advance and counter-attack to the prior borders.

On August 20, German hopes suffered a setback after a defeat at Gumbinnen. It msut be noted that this attack by Germany was counter both to the orders of the General Staff under von Moltke, as well as the Schlieffen plan as a whole, which both mandated no German attacks on Russia before France was defeated. The attack was poorly-planned, and was repelled at some causalities by both. However, the same French front saw the Germans occupy Brussels, as well as begin sieging Namur, also in Belgium – this siege ending on the 23 with a German victory. To the south, the battle of Lorraine continues, with the opposing sides fighting over Morhange and Sarrebourg.

The following day saw two more battles ending in victory for Germany – one at Charleroi, a German offensive, and the other in Ardennes, a failed French offensive. Nearly 100,000 men fell in the two battles, followed by nearly 30,000 French soldiers alone in another failed attack by the French. Also on the 22, Austria-Hungary finally declared war on (collapsing) Belgium and Germany suffered a minor setback in Togoland at the battle of Chra.


On August 23, the British Expeditionary Force began a retreat from Mons, after being outgunned by Germany. Farther east, Austria-Hungary launched a counter-invasion of Russian Poland, while Germany attacked Russia near Tannenberg (early reports indicating a German victory). At Lemberg, Russia captured Lviv, while Austria-Hungary defeated Russia elsewhere at Krasnik.
Finally, Japan has declared war on Germany and attack the German colony in China, Tsingtau..

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