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British Whippet tank crossing a trench at Bapaume

A Third Battle of Albert was launched August 21; each battle there happening about 2 years apart. The attack was so successful that it turned into an advance, as the Germans were pushed back along a 50-mile front, and Albert itself taken the next day. Fighting continues towards Arras, heightening at Bapaume (the second battle there) as the second phase of the battle, and the focal point of the failed First Battle of Somme in 1916. The initial advance against Bapaume began the night of August 24 but was hampered by German machine guns and artillery. A new attack was launched at 5 a.m. this morning, in a dense fog, but failed to completely reach Bapaume, although advances were made on several sides.


At San Matteo, the Italians continue reinforcing their position, awaiting the Austro-Hungarian attack.

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