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This past week saw a minor nation enter the war, and a major one attempt to exit it.

December 10 saw a new nation – Panama – declare war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It remains to be seen the Panamanian’s contribution to the war effort for the Allies.

December 15 saw the new government in Russia – formally styled the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic – sign a formal armistice and ceasefire with the Central Powers (Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kingdom of Bulgaria, German Empire, Ottoman Empire), effective two days later. Each side has agreed to hold its current lines, with no expectation for the Germans to withdraw from their lines.

The next day saw another armistice signed between the Ottoman Empire and the Transcaucasian Commissariat, an entity existing in the Caucasus. The exact legal implications of this is uncertain – the Turks see the Commissariat as an independent successor of the Russian Empire, while the Commissariat sees itself as part of the RSFSR. The Russian Caucasus Army has finished its disintegration.

Regardless, these changes in war-footing have seen the Armenians at Van completely cut-off from Allied support. The Allies have encouraged them to hold out and keep fighting until the British advance arrives.

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