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In German East Afrika, the month of December began with the Kingani, a German ship commander by Lt. Job Rosenthal scouting British positions at the harbor near Kalemie, though he was driven off by shore batteries. The following night he swam ashore, became lost in the dark, and was captured by the Belgians. Meanwhile, across the continent in German Kamerun, the French, British, and Belgian forces have met up and are preparing an assault on the new capital Jaunde.

December 2 saw the end of the fourth battle at the Isonzo, with a cold snap hitting the region and the fighting winding down (although minor skirmishing has continued). There are reports that the Austrians have requested assistance from Germany. This battle saw 50,000 Italian casualties to the Austro-Hungarians’ 32,000.

In Mesopotamia, after the mutual retreat from Ctesiphon by the British and Ottomans, the Ottoman commander Nurredin has turned about and, following a pursuit of the British forces, has surrounded them at Amara on December 3.

The Serbian army retreating through mountainous Albania for evacuation by the French and Italian navies.

Postcard celebrating the fall of Serbia to the Germans, Austro-Hungarians, and Bulgarians.

Serbia’s army has been in full retreat since December 4, with the end of the offensive in Kosovo at the capture of Debar. The entire campaign saw minimal casualties for the Central powers, but 30,000 for the Serbs plus much heavy artillery. Additionally, the French (and their British allies) have been driven back towards Thessaloniki. The Serbian campaign has been an overwhelming success for the Central powers.

In the East, Russia continues her retreat although it is much more orderly than earlier. In Gallipoli, the mass flooding and rain has given way to snow, bringing more misery to the Allied powers. Their positions seems more untenable daily. In Persia, the Shah has appointed a Pro-Ally cabinet, following the capture and occupation of Tehran by the Russians.) In the Caucasus, the Ottomans seem to have begun a withdrawal following massive casualties to the Russians with minimal support of reinforcements coming. This has become a secondary front for them.

Finally, earlier today, December 5, in the Adriatic sea, after attempting blockade duty, the French sub Fresnel was pursued by the Austro-Hungarian SMS Warasdner and run aground. Her crew has been captured.

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