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British firing line at Rafa

Construction of the British railway across the Sinai. Coupled with a water pipeline, this allowed British offensives to reach much farther into Ottoman land

German leaders formally announced their unrestricted submarine warfare policy January 9. On the Ottoman Palestine – Egyptian Sinai border, British troops attacked an Ottoman defensive position, losing 500 to the Ottoman 400, plus 1,400 prisoners. The recent railway has allowed the British to enter Ottoman land for the first time.

On January 10, the Allied governments released their peace objectives in response to United States president Woodrow Wilson’s request last month.


British flanking operations at Rafa

The following day, British troops went “over the top” at the Ancre zone and assaulted German positions. While movement was slow due to muddy ground made worse by shell explosions, most achieved their moderate gains, although some unwittingly went over German dugouts and were attacked from the rear.

Mametz, Western Front


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