<– Part 75 – December 26, 1915  | Part 76 – January 2, 1916 |  Part 77 – January 9, 1916 –>

Reports of wide-scale evacuation of Allied troops from Gallipoli have begun flooding in since December 28. Ottoman forces have made some attacks at the retreating troops, but have been held at bay by stalwart Australian rear-guard units.

In Africa, the British forces have destroyed some Senussi camps, but all tribesmen have fled upon contact.

December 30 brought another diplomatic incident when the German sub U-38 sunk the SS Persia off Crete while her passengers were eating lunch. In violation of international law, the German boat fired a torpedo without warning, without provocation, and without allowing the passengers an opportunity to reach lifeboats.

Further west, in the Adriatic, the skirmishing Austro-Hungarian ships have been forced back to port, but not before ramming and sinking the French sub Monge.

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