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Captain Selous

British defenders at Kibata received reinforcements January 1, including two howitzers, threatening the Germans in the heights above. The Germans withdrew January 6.

In German East Africa, British scouts under Captain Frederick Selous spotted German troops at Behobeho and engaged them January 3-4, before withdrawing. A German marksman killed Captain Selous, prompting the commander of German forces in East Africa, Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, to send a letter of condolences. Selous was a personal friend of former US President Theodore Roosevelt, prominent British figure Cecil Rhodes (namesake of Rhodesia), and was the basis of the Allan Quartermain character.

On January 4, Russian-Romanian forces abandoned Măcin, then Brăila next day. At El Arish, in Africa, the British railway and water pipeline have reached the newly-conquered city, continuing preparations to turn it into a prominent base. In Hejaz, there are rumors of Hashemite guerillas near Ottoman railroads, leading some to suspect sabotage in the future.

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