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“Blessed are the Peacemakers” – protest published in newspapers July 1 against the US Espionage Act

Austro-Hungarian shock troops assault the peak of Mount Ortigara June 25, taking it from the Italians and ending the fighting there. 23,000 Italians fell, to Austria’s 9,000.

The following day, the first U.S. troops landed in France. The men, approximately 14,000, are members of the 1st Division. The war for the Allies improved again June 30, with Greece officially entering the war on the side of the Allies, following last week’s replacement of the Germanophile Constantine I with his son Alexander as king.

In Russia, new minister Alexander Kerensky, head of the Provisional Government, ordered an offensive in Galicia, despite calls for peace, couple with power having officially been taken from officers and given to “soldiers committees.” Following heavy artillery bombardment, 4 armies (three Russian, and one Romanian) attacked the three armies of the Central Powers. While German forces are holding, 5,500 Austrian troops at Zborov have been pushed back by 3,500 members of the Czechoslovak Legions. The Czechs suffered 1,000 casualties, while the Austrians lost 3,500, primarily captured.

In the United States, protests against the newly passed Espionage Act are increasing, with many seeing it as an attack on the First Amendment.

In Romania, nearly 2 million men in 9 armies, with enormous field supplies and artillery, have been massed. A large offensive seems imminent.

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