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The Romanian Armies in Eastern Romania, with assistance from Russian Republic forces, launched their offensive against the Central Powers June 22 towards Mărăști. The German and Austro-Hungarian forces, although outnumbered nearly 2:1, expect to easily repel the assaults before launching their own counter-attacks. However, expert artillery fire coordinated with infantry attacks has broken the German defenses along a nearly 30km front and the Romanian infantry is advancing quickly.

To the north, the Russian forces in the failed Kerensky Offensive are in full retreat, having withdrawn nearly 240km. The German advances in their wake seems limited only by an inability to hold occupied territory.

In Petrograd, Bolshevik forces assisting in unrest against the Provisional Government have been crushed; Lenin has fled to Finland while Trotsky has been arrested. However, Bolshevik membership has swelled nearly ten-fold in the last few months, so their power remains substantial.


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