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November 22 saw fighting erupt 25 miles south of Baghdad at Ctesiphon between the advancing British troops and the Ottoman defenders. After several days of fighting, both sides withdrew on the 29.

In the midst of this fighting, the Serbian army began a full retreat to the Adriatic with only 150,000 men remaining on November 27. The French and Italian navies are standing by to evacuate them. In Italy, the Fourth Battle of the Isonzo continues, with the casualties this week reaching an all-time high, with little progress to show for it.

North Africa has British troops continuing to land; there are reports of fighting between garrisons, but no major battles yet.

In Persia, Tehran has been taken by Russian forces.

Gallipoli has seen a massive rainstorm the last three days, flooding the trenches, drowning soldiers, and washing bodies into those trenches. Additionally, the temperature is dropping – it could be frozen and snowing soon.

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