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The Italians launched their ninth offensive on the Isonzo October 31 and made some limited gains. However, due to the heavy casualties sustained in this offensive (39,000 to the Austrians’ 33,000), and a total over the last three battles of 75,000 to the Austrians’ 63,000, the offensives have been limited to approximately one week, and this one ended November 4.

The Central Powers renewed offensive in Romania launched November 1, and the Romanians are being forced back. Skirmishing continues at the Crna Bend.

On November 2, a French shell at Verdun caused a huge explosion in Fort Vaux, forcing the Germans to evacuate (an order detected by French wireless). The French were able to retake the fort without a fight, and earlier today reached the front lines of February 24. Both sides are settling into trenches.

At the Somme, fighting at Le Transloy ended indecisively. At the Ancre Heights, the British continue to gain ground.

In North Africa’s Senussi campaign, more prisoners have been taken by the British, who are using motorized vehicles to outmaneuver the tribesmen. To the south, the Anglo-Egyptian Darfur Expedition is pursuing the Sultan, who is in full-flight. The force left earlier today with 150 men, one artillery piece, and four Maxim guns.

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