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This week has seen a stunning series of victories for the Central Powers.

November 4 saw the end of the Third Battle of Artois and the third Battle of the Isonzo. Artois ended in a stunning German victory with 110,000 Allied casualties to the 51,000 Germans. The Isonzo was also a a Central Powers victory, with 40,000 Austrians to the 67,000 Italians. Boroević defensive genius has been proved. In an odd twist, Henry Ford peace ship, the Oskar II, has left on its trip to Europe.

Two days later, the Allies received another blow as the Second Battle of Champagne wound down, where 72,500 Austrians fell against 145,000 Allied troops. In all three of these battles, the Central Powers were outnumbered nearly two to one.

Ottoman Colonel Mohammad Taqi-Khan Pessian

However, the same period saw a minor victory for the British: also beginning on the 4th of November, a two day siege ended with the surrender of the German forces, likely signaling the end of German resistance in their Kamerun colony.

In Bulgaria, with the fall of Kragujevac to German forces on November 1, the German and Bulgarian armies at Morava have pushed the Serbians back, capturing the capital of the Serbia Niš on November 5, which united the German and Bulgarian armies, securing an uninterrupted land route from Austria-Hungary to Bulgaria.

In Persia, the Ottomans have secured a minor victory of the Russians (with some of the Cossacks actually switching sides after a rousing speech by Col. Pessian), but the Russian army has counterattacked and repelled the Ottoman forces.


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