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At the Blanc Mont Ridge, American infantry continues to push the Germans out of Champagne and the Argonne Forest.

On October 14, Groupe d’Armées des Flandres, a collection of Belgian, British, and French divisions, attacked the Germans at Courtrai, on the French/Belgian border, and pushed the Germans back to Ghent by the 19th, having met minimal German resistance, taking 12,000 captives and nearly 600 artillery pieces. A follow-up was launched earlier today to cross the Lys and Escaut rivers.

Following the success at Cambrai, the British forces attacked the Germans on the Selle River on October 17; despite facing stiff resistance, the German defense has broken and have withdrawn nearly 5 miles.

The Entente continues its liberation of the Balkans.

Germany announced earlier today that they were suspending their policy of unrestricted submarine warfare.

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