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Europe at the beginning of the war. Note that Italy has subsequently switched sides and joined the Entente, while Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire have joined the Central Powers. Greece is leaning towards the Allies, while Romania and Albania would seem to be leaning towards the Central Powers.

The battles on the Western front of Europe, including Artois and Champagne, continue. The offensives in Serbia continue, and there are reports of minor skirmishing in both South Arabia, between the British Empire and the Ottomans, and in eastern Poland/west Russia, between the forces of the German and Russian Empires.

On October 27, a French army landed in Salonika to open a new front in the Balkans against the Bulgarians, Austro-Hungarians, Ottomans, and their allies. Serbia’s forces are being routed, but there is hope that this new front will allow an area for Serbian troops to retreat, should that be necessary.

Otherwise, this All Hallow’s Eve, 1915, sees little new in the world.


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