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The National Redoubt around Antwerp. Green are forts, and blue are smaller redoubts.

In Belgium, Antwerp has been under siege by German troops since September 28. The outer forts of the “National Redoubt” have been taken by the Kaiser’s troops, but the other forts hold still. The Germans have brought forward heavy artillery to pound the defenders into submission.

German “Big Bertha” cannon in action at Antwerp.

September 29 saw German and Austro-Hungarian forces engage Russian troops on the eastern bank of the Vistula River outside Warsaw. Some Russian troops have withdrawn, though others are fighting and resisting orders to withdraw themselves.

The Allies have established a new front line at the river Marne. The last 4 days have seen fighting in Arras, as the French and German armies again attempt flanking and counter-flanking operations towards the North Sea. Fighting also ended earlier today at the Drina – the Serbian army succeeded in holding back the Austro-Hungarian army, though they did establish beachheads in the Serbian territory.

In Tsintao, China, the German base remains under siege by the British and Japanese.

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