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The Allies have launched an enormous campaign on the Western Front beginning with an artillery bombardment on September 21 lasting four days. Afterwards they attacked for the third time at Artois. This is significant as the bombardment was mapped out using aerial photography. September 25 also saw and attack at Loos and Champagne.

On September 23, following the British defeat at Gallipoli and the Russian retreat at Gorlice-Tarnow, the king of Bulgaria, Ferdinand, signed a treaty with Germany, entering the war. In response, British troops have begun to march on Baghdad.

Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia. A bit of a disappointment…

With the Czar having taken control of all Russian troops, Grand Duke Nicholas, recently removed from command, has

General Yudenich.

been promoted to Supreme Commander of all Russian forces in the Caucasus. Of course, General Nikolai Yudenich maintains operative command.

Also on September 24, while attacking SS Urbino, German sub U-41 was attacked by SS Baralong while the latter was flying an American flag. There are reports that German lifeboats were run down and sunk. If true, this would be the second criminal act of war against that vessel.


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