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The “Battle of the Frontiers”, fought in northern France & Belgium, continues, although the Allied retreat continues. Maubeuge fortress seems near to surrender.


On September 1, British cavalry breaking camp in the morning were attacked by German cavalry, outnumbering them nearly 2.5 to 1, at Néry. All of the British guns were put out of service except one, which continued

“The Last Gun at Nery.” An artist’s impression of the 18-pounder of ‘L’ battery. From Wikipedia.

its fire, despite losing its commander, for 2.5 hours against an entire German battery. At that time, British reinforcements arrived and completely routed the German cavalry.

September 2 saw the fighting at Komarow, part of the larger offensive at Lemburg, come to an end, with the Austro-Hungarians scoring a crushing victory against the Russians, who lost nearly 20,000 of their finest troops – surely a devastating defeat this early in the war. However, Austrian forces were humbled the following day at Rawa, when the same victorious Austro-Hungarian army came to the assistance of another against the same recently-defeated Russian army and were defeated.


On September 4, fighting across the length of the Marne began as Allied forces began digging in. To the East, the Battle of Grande Couronné has begun with a German offensive near Nancy and the “curve” in the Allied line at Verdun. The Germans, having had marginal success, seem to be regrouping for another attack, as the battle is not going as well as expected by the German General Staff. To the West, the French have launched their own offensive at the Ourcq, a tributary of the Marne. The German lines have broken – on the 6th, an entire German army was ‘pinned’ at the ‘Two Morins’, opening a large gap in the German lines. It would seem that the tide of the overall western offensive has begun to turn against the German Empire and her allies.

U-21, the German submarine, torpedoed the HMS Pathfinder on September 5, causing an explosion in Pathfinder’s magazine which sunk the entire light cruiser with nearly 270 hands aboard. Only a dozen or so survivors have been found. This would seem to be the first submarine kill by a propelled torpedo in history.

On the Eastern front, the Serbs have cross the Sava against Austria-Hungary in a limited offensive beginning September 6 following the Central Powers’ defeat at Cer. It is presumed the Austrians will counter-attack soon.

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